Governments don’t want well informed, well educated people capable of critical thinking. That is against their interests. They want obedient workers, people who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork. And just dumb enough to passively accept it.~ George Carlin

The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less. ~ Socrates

The notion of security will never be free of controversy, it is a puzzle that is always changing. ~ Katherine Swortchek (Me)



I have decided that I seriously need to get a move on with my portfolio. Using assignments from school is all well and good but that’s not what future employers want to see. I need to create and develop examples based off of what I’ve learned each semester. I recently created several JavaScript examples and they were fully functional until somehow I messed up with syncing them to the server and now each of those files are blank on my local and remote server 😦  Oh well, I’ll just make them better this time around.

Side note: I feel a resurgence of the kind of creativity that I had when I was younger and in school. I think being in college majoring in what I’m passionate about has revived my artsy side. Lately, I’ve felt like building things, painting, drawing, designing, learning, and just plain letting my ideas run wild. I want to start playing the piano again too. I used to play my grandparents organ all the time and I was good at it. I also dabbled in the cello which I enjoyed a lot too. Even though my grandparents have said that the organ is mine if I want it, I certainly don’t have room for a large organ haha. So, I have resolved to getting a keyboard, they have come a long way over the years and are very space conscious.

I am going to go eat chocolate teddy grahams and drink some almond milk 🙂

Side side note: try Silk Almond Milk, kicking regular milk to the curb has been one of my favorite food decisions! I get the original version not vanilla. It’s so yummy and makes recipes taste better too.

At least knock first…

When I was younger and heard people complaining about nearing 30 I thought they were being overly dramatic, but now I see why… in five months I’ll be 27 and saying that it absolutely disgusts me is a slight understatement. I found 25 to be revolting but bearable. 26 I just straight up ignored. But 27 can’t be ignored… old… it’s happening whether I like it or not. Which I do NOT like it! It didn’t even ask first, it just showed up over night and walked right in, how ruuude!

I guess it’s not the number that bothers me the most, it’s the thought of “growing old”. I never want to become old inside.

Day of feast and thanks

I’m sitting here thinking about my life and the memories within it and life really is amazing. I had an amazing childhood, a very lesson packed young adulthood, and now a joyous beginning to my adulthood. After all the crap that I was put through and all the turmoil I put people through, namely my parents, and all the trouble that I could’ve gotten into they still stuck by me and saved me every tim. My brother, Jason, and I got into a lot of disagreements about things I was doing and how I acted towards my parents but he was still always there for me anytime I needed him. Of all the bad routes that my life could’ve taken, I am really lucky to have the life that I do now. I’m almost done with school, I have a wonderful husband, awesome kitties, and above all an amazing family!
This Thanksgiving I am thankful to have a wonderful life again, it’s been many many yearssss since I’ve felt this way

Night dweller

I wouldn’t quite call it insomnia… I think I’m just nocturnal and sometimes I  just can’t fight it. This has plagued me my whole life. I love the night, something about it is just so inspiring. The quietness and stillness seems to make everything so clear. I try to sleep at night and most of the time I do, even though I wake up every 2 hours. Then there are times that I can’t sleep at all at night for weeks on end… this happens to be one of those times. For two weeks now I cannot seem to sleep. I can’t help but have a love/hate feeling about it though. My best creative moments are during sleepless nights and I bet any brilliant insight or epiphany I ever had was on a sleepless night. I just wish it didn’t cause such a problem for my day life, because then all I want to do is sleep during the day… well even when I sleep at night I still want to sleep during the day. Clearly I am a different breed, a nocturnal human.

I can only hope that one day I land a web design job that is primarily work at home so I can do all my work at night.

Google search results

Ok, so even though I did a fairly specific search I am still amazed at the results. I searched “ff five furballs” and my site came up as the SECOND result! Woo hoo! Out of all the millions and millions of sites out there I would have thought that even with a specific search like that that my site wouldn’t be that high. 🙂

Hiatus is overrr and it feels great to get back to working on my site!!!

Ok so I’ve been super busy with all kinds of situations/stuff/problems and have not had my full focus on my school work, including Cabs’ assignments. Well, have no fear my sites have been update and are better than ever! I completed my PTR site updates per the book but my FF site is what I am really excited about 🙂

I got the “Contact Us” page up and running with a contact form that sends the message directly to my personal email address, woohoo! And I also implemented different messages to display depending on how well you submitted the form. So now you can send messages to my kittehs and I’ll gather the furballs up and read your wonderful words to them haha.

Check it out and send my kittehs some meows! http://katherines.studentweblab.com/web210/ff/

I love that I got to spend all day doing what I love again.(homework as hard as that is to believe lol)   But more so I love that my Dad’s and my Grandma’s health is better and I am hoping for nothing but good vibes for my brother who is going through a divorce. He’s going through a lot but is still keeping his priorities straight and focusing on making the new place and his son’s new room super special for him. And I’m glad I was able to organize/set up/get things ready for my husband to leave yesterday for school, I hope he enjoys it and does awesome(which I know he’ll do great). His school is in Wisconsin so I am also thankful that I get to stay here and not freeze to death haha.

My site progress

So far I am really pleased with how my site has turned out. I feel that I am grasping everything quickly and learning a lot.

I did make a rookie mistake when working on the PTR site late at night though. When updating the style sheet, I confused class rules with id rules and it screwed things up a bit. I did manage to get it to work the way I had it but redundant and unnecessary declarations had to be made. Luckily Cabs caught it and I fixed everything now. Since then I have reviewed information and tried different things to fully learn the difference. I love what we are learning about CSS. The use of it makes things soo much easier, I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t like it. Chapter 6 was especially enjoyable for me because a few chapters back I emailed Cabs asking how to do rounded corners on div’s and he said that stuff would be in Chapter 6. I of course jumped to it and incorporated them into my site’s nav bar and sidebars.

Also, I LOVE Dreamweaver CS6! It makes it really easy to add things to your page and they have comments to help you understand how everything works together. If you do not have it, GET IT! It’s a little pricey but you can get it half off just by being a student or teacher 🙂 I ordered mine online from Best Buy, when I installed it I had to register through Adobe with my student email, then I was provided with a product key to fully install the software.

Check out my personal site that we are working on if you want – http://katherines.studentweblab.com/web210/ff/


I feel like absolute crap and can’t seem to concentrate or comprehend anything I’m reading. It takes a few minutes for things to click… so tonight’s homework should go well…

On the bright side, even though I feel horrible, I’m still enjoying struggling through this homework and seeing the results of the codes. That tells me I definitely have found the right degree path 🙂